Layout scene has randomly started to drop some groups from the viewport that are definitely in the SketchUp scene

I am working on a layout file (house plan 20+ pages 80mb) the SketchUp model was mostly created with the PlusSpec plugin. Now everything was going great then, suddenly the layout scene viewport is missing a few random walls. These walls displayed fine for days updating with all edits, now it is impossible to get it to display these walls even with saving the skp file as a different name and updating the reference in layout.
Saving the layout file as a different name does nothing.
I can copy the layout viewport and paste into a new blank layout file and reselect the scene and it updates fine. I can even copy this fresh viewport and paste back into the original file and it looks fine until I update the scene after SketchUp model edits or close down the file and re open the layout file.
This problem coincidentally first occurred in version 2018 just after 2019 was released. :thinking:
I downloaded 2019 and tried it out, the problem fixed itself instantly. But around 7 days working on the files the same problem has occurred in v2019 and it won’t go away. It’s driving me mad. I can upload the files for debugging when I’m I front of the computer which is a 2016 MBP top spec running macOS Mojave. I haven’t had a chance to test on another machine.

When you select the viewport with the missing walls and view its associated scene in the SketchUp Model panel, does it show the scene as modified?

It does as I change the style to hidden line, but if I reselect the scene the groups are still missing. If I double click on the viewport to enter 3D mode the groups are missing there as well.

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you have.

How would you like me to share it 85mb

Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

I’ll PM you a Google Drive link when I can, my internet is ■■■■ at the office.

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