Ghosting in Layout viewport much like "View Hidden Geometry"

Hidden geometry is showing in random Layout view ports when they are hidden in the SketchUp model in Outliner. I have attached a simple viewport of a plan of stair stringers with treads showing.

I can render the view port and the hidden geometry disappears only to reappear later. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Is this in LayOut 2022?

Can you share the LO file?

Layout 2024

Layout 24.0.553

Yes, I can share. SU and Layout?

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Just the LayOut file should be enough.

remind me how I send you a file.

If it’s less that 16 Mb drag and drop the file into a reply. If larger, upload it to Drop Box and share the link. If you can’t share it publicly send it in a private message to me.

I am looking for your private email or contact.

Just click on my name at the top of this post and then “Message”.

When I first opened you LayOut file I saw the same thing you show in your screen shot. I select the viewport, rendered as Raster and then back to Hybrid and it seems correct. I get the same result with the experimental graphics engine as well as with the classic graphics engine. This makes me wonder about your graphics drivers. Make sure you’ve got the Nvidia card set to be used to display SketchUp and LayOut. Go to the Nvidia site and get their latest drivers for your card and install them.

They look the same in the PDF export, too.
Screenshot - 5_28_2024 , 6_27_35 PM

FWIW, I’ve looked that 2 of the four embedded SketchUp model files: the one with the stair viewports and the section viewport. There’s a lot of incorrect tag usage in both, in the Sections one quite a lot of unused content to purge …
Screenshot - 5_28_2024 , 6_37_05 PM
… and in both some excessively large texture files.

By purging the unused stuff in the Sections .skp file it was reduced in size by 52%. I expect you would see performance increases if you cleaned up all of the associated .skp files.

There are other issues going on here. I will let you know if I figure it out.
Thanks for your help.

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