Sketchup layout hidden geometry - unwanted lines showing

Model views in sketchup display correctly but when views are added to Layout (using hybrid) some hidden (But not all) geometry shows up as dashed lines. Is this a bug or am I missing a setting?

Thank you for your help.!

Sketchup%20layout%20-%20hidden%20geomtery%20issues|611x452 Sketchup%20No%20Hidden%20geomtery%20issues

Which lines are you referring to are showing up as dashed? Hard to tell from your screenshot. Also, if you can share your model and LO file, please upload as that will help.


Thank you for taking a look at this…

Sketchup%20No%20Hidden%20geomtery%20issues Sketchup%20layout%20-%20hidden%20geomtery%20issues

The top image is from sketchup. The bottom image is from layout538 Spoleto 3D.layout (13.9 MB)

LInk to model:

Link to layout file:

Looks like a bug in Vector/Hybrid mode to me. I tired changing styles, applying a color to the drain pipe, etc…but still showed as if it were transparent in Vector and Hybrid rendering modes.

While not ideal, you can create a scene with just the pipe or anything you want to cover up what’s underneath…and then explode the view…essentially making just that part of the model a live ;scaled drawing’ in LayOut. That way you can apply a fill to it and cover that rouge transparency that shouldn’t be showing.



It’s good to know that I am not going mad. I appreciate your time on this and I will follow your suggestion.

Thanks again!

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