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Hi, I added a viewport in vector mode and now hidden layers of my plumbing fixtures are showing. Any advice on how could I fix that?

Is Hidden Geometry enabled in SketchUp ?

Can you share the Layout file ?

Is the model far from the origin point?

The hidden geometry is not visible in SketchUp.
I tried uploading the file, however kept getting a message that the file was too big, even though is only 89kb. Same thing for the SketchUp file.


Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Hi, sorry, what do you mean by origin point?
I did move the model when I pasted to new SketchUp template. But all new scenes have been updated.
No issues with the other viewport in layout, only this one with the vector lines on.


I just sent through email.


You need to grant access to the files you posted. At the moment they can only be seen by you.

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I changed access to anyone with the link.

There’s something odd about the SketchUp model that’s occurring for me – linework, particularly that bathtub, is flashing randomly on and off.

I don’t have time to delve in deep – sorry – although it could be something very basic…?

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