Sketchup Not Exporting Properly

When I export to a PDF (2D Graphic), the resulting PDF loosed its color.

Overall Dimensions.pdf (568.5 KB)

Export from LayOut.

Did you see the PDF because it does not show in the Browser?

The source file is Sketchup, not layout.

Dan is telling you to use LayOut.

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I see colours in your screenshot. But the built-in PDF exporter in SketchUp Pro produces a pure vector graphic rendering of your model, which means that textures (material images), shadows and other raster graphic features are not exported. As Dan said, you can use LayOut for that. Or then you can use a PDF printer like Acrobat or one of the zillion free or low-cost alternatives.


I don’t use Layout. I know I can’t open sketchup files with it. Do I have to start from scratch? I don’t really need a “layout” of an 8x8 shed. :slight_smile:

What do you mean? You send your SketchUp file to LayOut to create a document to use for your PDF file.

Read the documentation.
If your Sketchup export resulted in a lines only drawing, check in the export options that faces are not ignored.

I sense a misunderstanding. LayOut is the document creation app that comes as part of the SketchUp Pro package. It does not create a cutting plan, sometimes called a “layout”.

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