Colour lost when I export to PDF

Hi Everyone,
I’m just having an issue trying to save my A1 layout file to PDF. When I export it my colours/ textures disappear (in adobe) and if I print to PDF I can’t seem to get the page size any larger than A3. All I can see is the top left corner at A3 size.
Not sure what the best option here is. What do you think? I’m on Windows 10 if that makes any difference.

Have you tried sending the SKP file to LayOut and exporting the PDF from there? In SketchUp, the export size is limited to the size your printer will handle. In LayOut you can set whatever paper size you want?

Adobe Acrobat and many other printer drivers let you add your own custom page sizes (5x5 meters, I think, is the upper limit allowed by the PDF format).

The PDF exporter inside SketchUp Pro is a vector-only exporter, hence no textures, shadows, sketchy edges, fog and other raster-based effects. It is meant mainly for files that are to be post-processed in an illustration application like Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape.

Exporting through LayOut gives you the best options.

Thanks Dave,
Yeah when I export from layout i lose colour and texture.

Again: Is your model set to use Vector rendering in LayOut? To see textures etc. you will have to use Raster or Hybrid.

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