Drawing size limited to 100 inches


I would like to export a larger drawing to PDF in full scale but it says the following:
“Drawing size limited to 100 inches (254cm) for this output type.”

What should I do to export it to PDF.

Thank you.

Are you exporting from SketchUp or LayOut? LayOut’s max page size is 200 inches by 200 inches.


I am exporting from sketchup. Should I export the file to layout and then export it to pdf from there? Is that possible?
Or is there any way to increase the SketchUp Drawing size?

Thank you!

I would use LayOut and yes, you can export a PDF from LayOut.


Yes. You will want to use LayOut to create your pdf. It is advised that you set up a scene in SketchUp first to set up your camera position. You can then Send To Layout.

If you are not using textures, once in LayOut, you can set the inserted SU model window to Vector mode. This will allow you to export a vector PDF.

Here is a video with some helpful tips

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A quickie example.

Paper set to 160 x 24. Viewport scale set to 1:1.

Print window from Adobe Reader.

If I send a drawing from SketchUp to Layout and then change the paper size so that my drawing would fit on it and also put the drawing in 1:1 scale in Layout then the line quality goes really bad.

I have to choose the template and the largest one I can choose is like A3 and then it makes my drawing much smaller and when I make it 1:1 again the quality drops.
Is it possible to make my own template which is like 200 inches x 200inches.

Hope you understand what I mean

Change the rendering for the viewport from Raster to Vector. Probably want to set the line weight to something larger, too.

Yes. You can make your own template with the paper set to that size or, if it’s just a one-off thing, select any paper size and then change it in Document Setup>Paper as I showed above. Set the scale of the viewport to 1:1 and drag out the sides of it so it shows what you want to show.

If you do want to make your own template, open a blank file, set the paper size as you want it and use File>Save as template. A template can also include things like fonts, dimension style settings and layers as well as standard objects like title blocks and page borders if you need them.

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Were you using the PDF/EPS exporter built into SketchUp Pro? You might manage a larger export if you used a PDF printer driver with a large custom paper size. The maximum allowed by the PDF format as defined by Adobe is the 200" x 200" (508 x 508 cm) mentioned by Dave but what is available can vary depending on your PDF printer driver.
Note that large paper sizes may require you to lower the printing accuracy (I use at work regularly an 900 mm x 3000 mm paper, and Adobe Acrobat refuses to print unless I lower the accuracy to 600 DPI instead of it’s default 1200 DPI).
Note too that SketchUp also exports the empty space visible on your screen around the object you want to print, so zooming in and resizing your SketchUp window so that your object fills the screen might also help to reduce the required page size.