Help with PDF export size from LayOut


So my boss has requested I update some dimensions in some scenes contained in a file from a previous employee who no longer works here.

For whatever reason, most of the scenes from the package I was sent are missing from the file, so I had to remake the requested scenes and then export them.

I’m using a PDF compiler to replace only the pages I’ve been asked to from the last employee’s, so I don’t have to rebuild every single scene.

My problem is that the previous employee has the sheet size of the pages in their document at 100" x 54.8", but my default LayOut paper size is 297mm x 210mm. When I try to increase the page size to match the existing document, my model looks good, but my dimensions become too small to read.

My dimensioning was all done in SketchUp, not LayOut. What’s the best way to proceed so that I can replace the pages in this document without needing to rebuild all of the scenes and create the document from scratch? Can I increase the size of the annotations? Or is there a way to make it so when I export to LayOut everything will already be in the proper paper size?

Dimension in Layout, it will look way better.

The way your dimensions look is also determined by how their text height is determined. If you set them to use model units, they will stay the same in relation to the model whatever the viewport scale. If you set them to screen scale they will stay the same in relation to your screen or viewport.

With a huge page size (more than 2.5 meters long) text at normal heights used (say 12 points) cannot be seen on screen in a full page view. How is the document used, by a huge printout or onscreen? It would require a huge plotter that few service providers have.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Your profile says 2014 Free (Web) which is impossible.

I would agree with Paul. Remove the dimensions in SketchUp and replace them with dimensions in LayOut. Much easier to control their appearance and they will look better and more professional.