Text not exporting correctly?

When exporting to a PDF I have text that gets sized smaller than what it is showing in Layout.

Layout View:

PDF View:

Has anyone ran into this?

Here is another look at this text issue.

Window schedule in Layout:
Window schedule in exported PDF:

Below is a link to the layout file

Layout file with Problem text

What about putting those schedules on a new file and then uploading here (to avoid having to download a much bigger file from Dropbox)?

The SketchUp developers are working for a fix for LayOut that addresses various font issues in the PDF exporter. Yours might be one of these, or then there is something in the font you use.

A current workaround is to use a PDF print driver instead of the built-in export function.

Simoncvevans and Anssi, thanks for the responses.

I have been talking to Sketchup support and they told me the same thing Anssi is talking about. I was able to go back a version to make everything work as it should.

This is what sketchup support told me “We updated our PDF library with 2021.1, and it appears there are some bugs with that”

Thanks again for the quick response.