Full size drawing

I’m a newbie who wants to know how to print a full size template of a Sketchup document


Set up a scene in SketchUp using the appropriate standard view and with the Camera set to Parallel Projection. Save the file and send to LayOut. Choose a paper size that is large enough for the thing you want to show. You’ll get a viewport showing the scene from your model. In the SketchUp model panel choose the scale as 1:1. Drag the edges of the viewpport as needed to show the part in full. Export as a PDF and print the PDF without scaling.

Example: On the sheet shown here I have several viewports from a scene showing the various components in the model I’ve dragged the edges of the viewports to crop out unneeded stuff leaving the curves to be lifted for making patterns. You can see how the viewports all have the 1:1 scale in the SketchUp Model panel on the right.

And without to the selections to hopefully clarify.

Thanks, Dave. But I don’t think my question was clear. I made this drawing (attached). Now I want to”blow it up,” to its actual size, and use multiple sheets 8" x 11" sheets paper to print it.

Armrest (finished)~.skp (32.3 KB)

That’s fine if you want to print to multiple sheets. You can do that from Adobe Reader.

I set up a scene to make a 2-view of your armrest and use LayOut’s dimension tools instead of SketchUp’s. I set the paper size to be large enough to hold the 1:1 scaled viewport and the dimensions.

Export to PDF. Choose Poster printing. Make sure tiles scale is 100% and in this case I set the paper orientation to Landscape.

Armrest.pdf (8.3 KB)

Thank you soooo much. Now I can butcher wood with precision.