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I am trying to print a part of a SketchUp model drawing to full scale so I can use it for a template. can anyone help me for the proper setup so it will print over a number of pages,
Thanks for any help


Yes. I can help you. What version of SketchUp are you using? Can you share the SketchUp file?


sketchup makeleg.skp (132.5 KB)


Do you need the entire leg? Do you want two views of it?


for starters I would like to print the entire leg


I set it up to show two views of the leg.

To efficiently print to scale in SketchUp you need to resize the drawing window temporarily. I ended up with the window like this.

And then in Print or Print Preview, untick the boxes for Fit to page and Use model Extents. Set both In the printout and In SketchUp to the same number. Check to see that the number of pages makes sense.

If you were using Pro, it would be much easier to use LayOut. You could set a custom paper size to suit and then export a PDF which you could print using Reader’s Poster Print option.


thanks for your help. I’ve been trying to set it up sorry I’m new to SketchUp so I’m not sure how to resize the page and so for I get a printout with 15 pages as compared to your example of 5.
Could you give me a little more help. really appreciated!


Click the double square icon between the - and the X in the upper right corner of the SketchUp screen. Then drag the edges of the screen as needed. If you rotate the leg to horizontal as I did for this one you’ll be dragging the top or bottom edge. I find it useful to drag some and then hit Zoom Extents. Drag more if needed and hit Zoom Extents.

By the way, in order to be able to print to scale, you’ll need to have the camera set to Parallel Project and you’ll need to select the standard view (Camera menu) to show the side of the leg you need to see.

If you have to do this sort of thing more than rarely and your time has any value, SketchUp Pro and LayOut would be well worth it.


Hi Dave,

Thanks again for your feedback and help.

No matter what I do I can’t get it to print on less than 12 pages. I’ll keep trying.

In your screen shot you show the SketchUp window with all the icons visible. When I resize the window many of the icons go out of view. I must be doing something wrong.


It doesn’t matter what the toolbar icons do. They’ll disappear if there isn’t room for them on the toolbars. Is the model window that you’re mainly interested in. What version of SketchUp Make are you using?


17.2.2555 64 bit


So, as before, some of the toolbar icons may disappear as you shrink the SketchUp window but it won’t matter.

A reason I didn’t lose as many icons as you might is that I have mine set to show as small while the default is to show large cons. I’m working on a 27 in. monitor, too. If you’re on a laptop with a small screen, you might not have room for all of the tools I show.

I do have a number of toolbars from extensions, too. If you don’t have those extensions then you wouldn’t have the toolbars.


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