Printing full scale drawing from SketchUp 2021 Pro

I have modeled a woodworking template in SketchUp 2021 Pro and would like to produce a full size 2-D drawing. The overall dimensions are roughly 10" x 15" so it will require multiple sheets of 8-1/2"x11" paper. Here is what i have tried so far and the results:

  1. Used File/Print Preview with scale set to 1:1. This took 6 pages, two of which were blank. Did cut and Scotch tape pages together but I am the kind of guy that likes parallel lines to be parallel.

  2. Used File/Export/2D Graphics to create a jpg file which was then shipped to commercial printing service. The resolution was 96x96 dpi, which the printing service said I needed 300x300 dpi for good results.

  3. Used File/Export/2D Graphics to create a pdf file. My Adobe Acrobat was unable to open the resulting pdf file.

  4. Used File/Export/2D Graphics to create a tif file which was 96x96 dpi. Printing service was able to manually use their software to scale to full size. Result was pretty crappy as lines were wider than acceptable for intended purpose.

  5. Browsed all the SketchUp menus that might seem related to this topic but to no avail.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello Mr. Blackwell,

Printing to scale from SketchUp hasn’t changed–ever. You need to adjust the model window so it is at least the same aspect ratio as the paper. Best to adjust it to fit tightly around the model when you use Zoom Extents or Zoom Selection.

Much easier to do this in LayOut and since you have it, why not use it? You can also get a much nicer looking print.

Send me your .skp file and I’ll set it up for you to show you.

DaveR: I certainly was not suggesting that something had changed in SketchUp. I was hoping to produce an image file that I can take to a printing service with bigger printers than I have and get a good quality printed version that I know is 1:1.

Here is my skp file.
Jefferson Writing Desk v3.skp (221.8 KB)

I didn’t think you were suggesting that.

In order to be able to print to scale you need to first set up your scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection. Then resize the Sketchup model space to closer to the shape of the object. this is Print Preview instead of PDF but the same idea applies.

In LayOut you can choose an appropriate paper size–here I’ve selected Arch B which is 12x18. I used the same scene I set up for the above screen shot and set the scale to 1:1. It’s rendered as vector to get crisper linework. If I were doing something like this for a project I would add the dimensions in LayOut instead of in SketchUp.

Here’s the PDF that results.
Writing Desk Bottom.pdf (9.6 KB)

Revised slightly.
Writing Desk Bottom.pdf (10.8 KB)

Dave, thanks as always for your suggestions. As a woodworking hobbyist, I was never motivated to learn LayOut. In fact, I never understood why you have two programs with one feeding the other. Perhaps this will motivate me to learn LayOut.

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DaveR: Your solution via LayOut prompted me to explore Print Preview, select Adobe PDF/Properties/Adobe PDF Settings with Adobe PDF Page Size set to ARCH B and you need to select Portrait orientation. This will give me the pdf file I can then take to my printing service. Thanks for showing me the way.

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