Design printing in different size

Hello, everyone. All right, all right?

I designed a 2D project and I need to print on paper, but when I go to print the drawing this coming out smaller than the original drawing in my project. Is there any special setup I need to do? And what software do you recommend me to use for this printing?

Thank you and wish you could help me.

Hugs and Thank You

Best would be to use LayOut.

Are you trying to print to scale? If you share the .skp file so we can see what you’re working with, it’ll be easier to give you some guidance.

Hi, DaveR

ok, This is my .skp file: My_Project.skp (117.0 KB)

Thank you for help me.

And what are you trying to do? Print it full sized?

First you need to set the camera to Parallel Projection. Then you need to resize the model window to fit tightly around the model. Use Zoom Extents as you are adjusting the size. In Print Preview or Print untick the boxes for Fit to Page and Use Model Extents and set the scale so 1 unit in the printout equals 1 unit in the model.

As I wrote before, it’s a whole lot easier to do this correctly in LayOut but as you are only doing this as a hobby, this should work.

ok, and to export to real size. What is the correct way?

I just showed you. 1 to 1 is full size.