Texture quality loss when exporting to PDF


I am trying to export files and send them by e-mail, but when I open the pdf-files this is how it looks:

Am I using too many textures, or can I change this somehow?

All help is appreciated!


Are you exporting our of SU directly or are you exporting from LayOut?

Could you share the file so we can test it out and help diagnose the issue?


The file is too big for upload here.

google drive file:

I did import a 3D-object I found online, but deleting it didn’t solve the problem.

Exporting out of LayOut (Pro Only) works fine and you will have more line weight control options as well.

You can also “Print” it out of SketchUp but instead of printing to paper, “print” to PDF. This will keep the textures.


To add to this discussion, when exporting to vector formats from SketchUp you’ll always lose textures and transparency, that data doesn’t easily convert to a usable image. If you wish to export to PDF and don’t care if the data is vector based then you’re better off using a Print to PDF functionality. This is built into the printer system on OS X, on Windows you’ll have to do a little work.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro then you already have the option, if you don’t then just search for print to pdf in the search engine of your choice and explore what is available. My personal preference on Windows is CutePDF.