Printing to PDF quality went down w/ ver. 23.1.340

After upgrading today, I noticed that the print to PFD quality went way down. I don’t see anywhere to adjust it. I’m uploading 2 PDF’s one from today and one from last week. As you can see the lines are not crisp and the edges are much larger. Anyone else having this issue, and is there a work around? I also noticed that the file sizes of the PDF went from <10 mb to >2mb
New Version.pdf (123.3 KB)
Old Version.pdf (894.2 KB)

Direct from Sketchup using Adobe Acrobat, the same way I’ve done for years

Well, that is stupid. It has worked great up until this release. Why would SU remove the ability to make our prints look good from the program we use to model with!!! I don’t use LayOut and I bet most users don’t either. I think it’s a pretty crappy thing to do. Why should I have to go to an older program to print??? Does SU put any resources into looking into the industries workflow routines?

Export as PDF seems to produce a better quality PDF than printing – at least for me.

Only tested on a basic model with no textures or colour.

I didn’t “attack you”. I directed all of my anger at SU.

PDF (or EPS) export from SketchUp produces a pure vector file so the quality is great but with no textures, shadows, transparency or other raster-based features.

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It removes the materials on mine when I export to PDF. I don’t understand the need for Scenes if I have to use LayOut to print. If they are going to force this then there should be an Export Scent to LayOut option.

I guess Dave R took his posts and went home. SU Community shouldn’t allow you to delete your posts. Now the replying posts have no context.

I just updated and as a student I recommend exporting as a JPG but before you name the JPG file click on options - change the width to 8192 pixels and Height to 5076. You can change the Line Scale Multiplier - to how you like your line weights to be personally. The image will be huge but will be in a better quality than PDF and you can scale the image down to how you want it. I never liked to export PDF’s with sketchup - because something would always go wrong. Ever since I learned this method, I never looked back.

Learn how to use LayOut, because what you describe is sort of how it (can, depending on your workflow) works. And scenes are the way to get you model views setup for LayOut.

And you can always load a previous version and stick with that… I’m amazed people don’t keep old versions around until they know their workflow won’t change with an update.

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LayOut is not older. It gets updated routinely.

What industry are you in? I’m curious what to use / workflow you prefer for your industry.

LayOut offers so much more than ‘just printing’.

don’t mess with the DaveR, he’s the most helpful user in this forum since aeons, thx.

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I wasn’t talking about LayOut. Someone said to use an older version (of SketchUp) to do my printing. My firm designs upper end residences. I use AutoCad for my plans. Export 2d plan, export 3d roof, export elevations then use follow me. It’s really pretty quick.

Helpful until his feelings get hurt and deletes all of his posts.

Again, not my point. SU just made my job much longer. I usually have about 14 scenes that I print and show the client. Now I will have to send 14 scenes to layout, individually. Go in and adjust every sheet to match the scene (because it doesn’t fill the sheet with the scene extents, and then print. It wasn’t broke, why did they need to “fix it”?

Ok. See my other post.

  1. Never jump all in to an update until you know it all works. Basic stuff when using software that is critical to paying work.

  2. If you have 2022 use it. Get work done. Get paid. Move on.

  3. Maybe learn LayOut. Print to scale, line weights, control more than what SKP lets you do when just printing. If you setup a SKP template and a LO template you can ‘Send to Layout…’ and likely not have to do much, then export to PDF. Faster than I typed this reply.

No, that is not how layout works. You can build a template, it can match your SKP template, you can ‘send to layout, it will populate 1 or 100 scenes, you don’t need to adjust every scene if you do it right. Then you export. I do this everyday with models typically having 10-20 scenes and views. I add dimensions and notes, you just need the pretty picture, so if you set it up right you could have company logo, project name, and then all your views both to scale or in perspective… and then you export them all in one go, and not have to worry about printing each scene individually.

Before you burn it all down maybe learn how the tool is supposed to work.


I understand that you are not a psychiatrist, yet you offer your diagnoses about other people on the Internet. I am still figuring out what condition you afre suffering from. Not a psychiatrist either.


Also, this wasn’t a new version. It was an update. I keep the old versions.

OK, please see my other post. You could significantly improve your workflow and quality by using SKP + LO regardless of how or if this is a bug or it gets fixed.