PDF Export Problems - Ghosting Layout 2019

Has anyone else figured out a way to fix Layout’s annoying ghosting problem when exporting PDFs?

I found some other people experiencing this problem and posting about it in the Topics section starting (seemingly) in 2018. That’s about when I also started having this issue and upgrading to 2019 has NOT fixed it. Seemingly it’s actually occurring MORE frequently.

Essentially I created a Tone Book pulling JPEGs from images I took with my iPhone or found on the web and assembled a 40 page look-book. All I’m trying to do is export the layout document to a 40 page pdf that I can share with my team. In every export some of the images are fine and look like they do in Layout, and about half of them show up faded, as thought the transparency of the image is about 50%. Nothing I do such as reimporting the image into Layout, changing it’s layer, adjusting the color in photoshop, etc, fixes the issue.

I have the most up to date 2019 Sketchup/Layout Pro, and I have a brand new iMac that otherwise is handling the programs very well.

For Trimble: Sketchup and Layout are powerful programs, but this bug is a HUGE issue… How is this STILL an issue? What’s the point if I can’t export to pdfs to share drawings or idea books? This is extremely frustrating… please help.

the issue is primarily due to osX completely changing how it handle graphics…

SU has to play catchup…

SU v20 is the version for Catalina and has remedied some of the issues…


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Copy, I’ll give that a try. Thank you for the reply!

In a test I just did I was able to get ghosting when JPEG compression is selected, but not when it’s not selected. Try turning off JJPEG compression in the export options.