Layout Washed Out when printing and print preview


Hi i was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on why when i go to print or print preview in layout my model textures are washout but not when im viewing them in layout on screen



High Sierra? A number of other users have reported this problem due to High Sierra. The solution seems to be to install Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Then export to PDF and print from there. Give that a try and keep checking after Apple pushes updates. They may fix this before too long.


As @DaveR noted, it appears that Apple may have glitched the graphics drivers for certain Mac models in High Sierra - not all models are affected. What model Mac do you have, and which release of High Sierra are you running (check the Apple menu->About this Mac, that will also give you the rest of the info to fill in your forum profile)? Latest is 10.13.4, and 10.13.5 is in public beta test. It would be worth contacting Apple support, as there are few apps that stress the graphics drivers the same way as SketchUp so unless SU users let them know, they might not be aware of the issue.


Is this the same problem discussed and, perhaps, solved in this thread:


This is the exact same problem I’ve been having for weeks. Sketchup support has been very responsive but no sure fire solution yet. Just some work-arounds at this point. I’m very frustrated with it.


Have you installed Adobe Reader or Acrobat?


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