Faded printing from Layout


I’m using Sketchup/Layout 2018 on a MacBook Pro using OS High Sierra printing with a HP Inkjet. I’m trying to print a Layout labeled house plan that is a house model section cut from Sketchup. Document looks fine on screen, when I print it comes out very washed out with only the layout labeling dark. I’ve tried everything I know, can’t get this resolved; even tried downloading fresh Sketchup software files. Sketchup files print fine until imported to Layout. Help?


This has been reported before and the LayOut team is working on it. Several users have reported that install Acrobat or Adobe Reader and then exporting as PDF before printing has solved the issue. Apparently it has something to do with the Mac-supplied PDF app with High Sierra. And the way Apple seems to work, who knows? Next week there could be an update from them that takes care of the problem.

I prefer the printing options from Adobe Reader anyway so I’ve always had it installed on my Mac as well as on my PC.


Thank you, I have tried importing a PDF, same issue, but I’m sending direct from Sketchup to Layout, no PDF involved. Is this also part of the Apple PDF issue?


I think you don’t understand. This has nothing to do with how you get the Sketchup model into LayOut. Do that the normal way with Send to LayOut in SketchUp or File>Import in LayOut.

Export the LO project as a PDF after you have installed Adobe Reader or Acrobat and open it with which ever one you choose. Print from there.


OK, thank you


You’re welcome.

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