Help! PDFs exported from Layout not printing

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Any PDF that I am exporting from SketchUp Layout is not printing on our office printer (RICOH MP C5504). You can send it to print and it looks like it’s going through, but then nothing comes out. Also, no one else in the office can print my files.

This has happened to me before with external print companies, and have been told I need to ‘flatten’ the file. I have historically solved this by opening up the PDF in Photoshop or Illustrator and re-exporting it and a PDF or JPEG.

This is currently not feasible as I don’t have time to be going through the re-exporting via Photoshop every time I amend a drawing. I also need to print a lot and need documents in PDF format. Does anyone have any idea what this issue is and/or how I can solve this?

It seems printer-specific, as these PDFs are printing fine on the office plotter.

Any help and advice is much appreciated!

Maybe not related, just an idea.
I remember something in couple of years ago, my company to have a Ricoh printer and couldn’t print a PDF because it didn’t have a PS (PostScript) module. When IT bought it it became good …
I could not remember more detailed… all printers heve been replaced since…

You might try the optimizing functions in a PDF editor like Acrobat Pro or PDF Xchange Editor.

Also, when printing from Acrobat or Adobe Viewer you have the “print as image” printing option. This performs a “flattening” before sending the file to the printer.

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Illustrating @Anssi 's advice: