Pdf Exported from LayOut not printing correctly


I’m hoping someone can help me. I have exported a document from LayOut as pdf file, and when I print it out, one of the shelves does not print. (the bottom right hand side, only the accessories appear, the actual shelf does not). Please help me as I need to issue out this drawing like yesterday!!

does the pdf contain the missing faces or not ?

if it does, it’s a printer problem, if it doesn’t, it’s a layout problem.

As usual on the forum,the best way to get help is to share the layout file, that way we can try it on different machines and versions. Best case, someone finds the problem, worst case, it exports fine on another machine and at least you get the pdf while people investigate :slight_smile:

yes it shows up in the pdf file, but not when printed.
AFA NOIR Office Plans R00.pdf (16.0 MB)

how do I upload layout file? it sys it is too big?

wetransfert, dropbox, google drive… plenty of solutions out there for a big file :slight_smile:

I did a test print of the problem page and I don’t get the material exactly like you.
I’ll check the pdf in illustrator

edit : illustrator sees the material, preview (on mac) too, yet the printer doesn’t… odd.

Rather than export to PDF from Layout – can you print to PDF on Mac?

If so does the problem persist?

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It is probably a problem with your printer’s processing capacity that limits its ability to print overlapping objects on the page. Check if your PDF viewer or printer driver has a “print as image” option. That forces the processing to happen in your computer. You can also try if running the optimize function in your PDF editor would help, or using only Raster rendered viewports.

I just printed out that page of your pdf file, without issues to Canon printer on Windows.
It should not be Layout related problem, rather an issue with you pdf software, Mac, or printer/plotter itself.

I’m gonna point on the mac direction, since the chances that we both have the same printer are fairly low (epson l355)

@suheirElali are you opening and printing using the default preview app ? (the one that opens images and pdf?)
I did.

Also, when you export your pdf from layout, you can tick / untick an option to compress images as jpg.

we’ve seen cases on mac in the past were it would destroy transparency and make the elements flat white. Could it be that you exported it using jpg compression and you have a transparent element on top of the material ?
(this is an invitation to re-export, making sure jpg compression is turned off :wink: )

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yeah, I’m on my PC right now, it printed fine, so it’s not the printer, it’s likely Apple Preview software.

edit : back on my mac, I printed it directly from firefox and it’s fine.

so as a quick fix @suheirElali you can simply drag your pdf into your browser and try printing from there (at least firefox, safari won’t let me open it and opera misses materials too)

firefox has its own pdf reading tools, so when preview fails, it’s often my backup plan

yes because when I open the pdf file, it uses preview to open it, and so I print from the preview. I have not tried the untick of compressing the images. And actually, I have had in the past my logo print out as a white box! I will try to export with compression off and let you know.

I’m also going to try printing with a different printer and see what happens, ill get back to you on this one

Make sure compression is off and quality set to high. Also double check document setup for rendering and make sure images and output is set to high.

If it looks good in Preview but doesn’t print properly try to export it from preview to a PDF and see if that changes things.

Sometimes I use PDFExpert to work with troublesome files instead of preview.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

I tried all the suggestions, from printing with different printers, to printing the pdf from browser, none of it worked.
What did work was re-exporting and making sure the "use JPEG compress for images "option was unticked! I was then able to print out and all the details appeared. Thanks again!

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 11.48.55 AM

yeah, classic

using the compression breaks the transparency. what’s super weird is how preview will show it to you as transparent even if it’s not really…

embrace the heavy png, untick the compression ! :slight_smile: