Layout image fading

I’m having a problem where some, but not all, of my imported sketchup scenes show up with very faded textures in my pdf exports. The scenes are from the same model, but appear correctly on some pages and bleached out on others. They look fine in the print preview, but the change occurs in the pdf file.

What am I doing wrong?

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This has been reported before. It seems to have something to do with certain combinations of graphics cards and Mac OSX versions. A number of users have reported that the problem has been fixed by installing Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and using File>Export to create the PDF instead of Printing to PDF.

Also make sure the scenes are not showing ‘Modified’
This solved it for a few, as welll.


I’ve had similar issues reported by mac users of pdf’s I’ve made. Where certain items are missing but they are showing up on my pdf document. It seems to be that mac uses a proprietary pdf viewer which sometimes does not resolve the pdf file correctly. If it’s viewed in Adobe acrobat or reader it should then display correctly.

This has just solved the same problem for me. I guess the go to answer is set all scenes in Sketchup and do not alter in Layout (until the pdf ‘fade’ glitch is fixed at least). That’s just taken an hour of scrolling through help documents and downloading acrobat reader etc etc etc before I found your suggestion - thank you! (for added info, I just used the context menu over the image to set the viewport to another scene and then back again to the one I want as a sort of reset of the view - I hope that makes sense!). One more thing to add, in ‘document set up’ under file menu, set the resolution to high then, before printing, hit save. No idea why the save is important but its seems to make a difference.

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In general this is best practice anyway. When scenes are modified in LayOut, scene-specific changes made in SketchUp won’t carry over to the LayOut file.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Driving me crazy… but you have fixed it. Thank you!