Export problems PDF from Layout: The Ghost of SU2018 is Back!

When I export from Layout to PDF with raster images the images are ghosting in the PDFs. This was a problem with Sketchup2018 resolved with SU2019 but has returned with the update to Catalina. Running SU2019 on MAC Catalina 10.15.1.
Looks like this in Layout: http://bit.ly/2WLdsLh
Looks like this once exported to PDF: http://bit.ly/2CemEhM

Interesting. Do the red strike throughs on the text show up as well or was that done purposely?

Is this happening with all your files or is it specific to this one?


Thanks Trent… No the Red strikethrough is me. It happens every time I insert an image into layout like the photo shown. I understand from previous posts in 2018 that this is due to the color profile?