PDF Export Issue - Mac, LayOut 2018

I reported a similar issue for 2017, and I’m seeing it again in 2018. I hadn’t noticed it on 18x24 and 24x36 - but will test new page creation with those.

LO seems to be shifting the export.
Screen Cap - purple is the page boundaries. Grey is an inner rectangle for reference.


PDF Output attached.

LO-Glitch.pdf (8.2 KB)

LO File for reference attached.LO-Glitch.layout (9.9 KB)

I can duplicate that on my Mac but on the PC, the export is correct.

Thanks Dave. I have’t noticed it elsewhere - but those were with existing drawings (started in 2016 or 2017 format…)

I opened in Acrobat, PDF Expert, BlueBeam and Preview.

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