Layout Text Issues when Exported as PDF

After exporting Layout document as a PDF and then opening and attempting to plot in Adobe Acrobat Reader all my text shifts over on the page and is no longer centered.

Work arounds that have worked but are annoying:

Print in Adobe Acrobat Reader and select “Print As Image”

Print with Google Chrome

Does anyone have experience and other ideas?

Thank you!

I haven’t seen this at all and I make a lot of PDF exports from LayOut. Could you share a LayOut file and the PDF you exported from it?

Test 2.pdf (719.4 KB)
PDF uploaded, if printed from Adobe Acrobat Reader to plotter the text is shifted, if printed to laser printer text prints correctly.

Trying to upload Layout file, its a rather larger document.

Looking at the PDF, and seeing as how it prints correctly from a laser printer, I would be investigating the plotter driver. Maybe there’s an update for the driver.

Probably no need for the LayOut file at this point. I didn’t know at first you were referring to a plotter or getting different results between printers.

I am leaning towards needing a driver update. It is an old HP DesignJet that is no longer supported by HP so I will likely have to use the work around for the time being.

Thanks for taking a look.

I suppose there’s some mismatch between old monks scribing away and the newer PDF format. Oh wait, that was Xerox. Maybe it’s time for a new plotter. :smiley:

Good luck with it.

If “printing as image” works the problem is probably with the printer. Complex PDF files often require more memory or “brain” than an older printer might have and the result is misshaped printouts or no printout at all. Checking the “print as image” box switches the brainwork out from your printer to your computer and its printer driver. I get unprintable PDF files often out of other applications too, frequently, for instance, files produced from AutoCad or Archicad that have a mixture of raster and vector graphics on top of each other refuse to print.

Another workaround I use in similar situations is to take the offending file or page, export it as an high-resolution image (in PNG format, usually) from Acrobat Standard or Professional, and convert the image back into PDF. This often leads to a larger PDF file but one that is easier to computers and printers to process.