Missing Printed parts when Plotting from Layout or printing PDF files

Hello everyone,
This apparently seems like a topic already discussed, but I would say that my problem as far as I read it’s different.
I usually print a pdf file of all my drawings in layout, and the print in PDF works just fine …everything is ok even when I open these pdf files with different pdf readers as :acrobat, illustrator, foxit reader …they are visualized correctly.
BUT …here the problem
Almost everytime when I’m directly plotting from layout a file or printing the file in PDF for print with the plotter later, some parts of the drawing are missing.
In the computer everything looks OK but in the plotted drawings, some areas, (squared or like a bend) are not printed, similar to when you have white box overlayed in some areas of the drawing.
Initially I thought about a plotter problem, but others programs as Autocad and other pdf files are printed correctly.
Not sure if, at this point, it’s a Plotter driver problem or a software problem.
Any comments will be appreciated, thanks.

Can you post a small LayOut file that displays this problem?

We do know of a few issues with PDF export - for instance, sometimes filled ellipses are not properly printed. If you can share details it would be very helpful. The most helpful thing would be a LayOut file and a picture of the “bad” printed output.


Attached here , file printed from Layout in PDF …and picture of how was printed from the plotter.
Thank you .

TEST.pdf (119.4 KB)

sometimes area not printed involve also the viewport, with entire parts missing with the same effect …

Can you upload a sample LayOut file so we can see exactly what is going on?

computer display properly either the layout drawing and the PDF file…but not print correctly…while my inkjet printer print it OK…maybe itàs just the plotter …However it’s a mistery …
Other files PDF and Autocad are plotted correctly …and the plotter it’s a Photo Plotter …
I suspect a Driver problem …
I’m inquiring HP


I’m basically discussing it here because my Plotter technician claim that is a software issue…I’m not convinced he is right!

HI there,
thanks to Dave , Mark and Ans …for the quick reply…
anyone had a chance to open the file Layout I sent for see if everything is OK ? or have any ideas about my post ?

many thanks


Hello Everybody ,
PROBLEM SOLVED! apparently plotter it’s not able to elaborate all the graphical information sent …even from LAYOUT even from Acrobat or other PDF readers…
Option for print everything correctly it’s in the print page options where in > advaced > print file as image …it solve the missing parts issue…
Cant find a corresponding procedure from the print options in LAYOUT …maybe through the printer preference option.

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My apologies for not getting back to this right away Al. I got called away. I’m glad you got it sorted, though. Probably the best thing to do in general is export from LO to PDF. There are more print options and controls available in the Acrobat.

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