PDF export issue

I export an 11 page document inside LayOut to pdf. When I open the pdf in my pdf viewer all 11 pages are there and viewable. However, when I go to print, irrespective of the printer, it crashes at page 8. I have re-exported the file several times and have the same issue.
Any ideas?
BTW - when will LayOut get better? It has improved but is not a serious contender for CAD replacement yet. Sure would be nice. Just sayin’ …

What is on page 8? Is it more complicated than the rest? Different fonts? Large raster images (with clipping frames)? What kinds of printers? The PDF format is handy but there is no warning system in place for when a page becomes too complicated for printers to handle. I know how to create an unprintable page from AutoCad or Archicad (stack raster and vector elements) but I haven’t tried from LayOut. My solution for unprintable pages has been to output the offending page as a raster image to 300 DPI from Adobe Acrobat, and to turn that back into PDF.

Just suggestions


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Thanks for replying. Yes, the offending page 8 is a composite of four different “eye in the sky” views of the floor plan (minus roof). Lots of data there. I will give your recommendation a try and reply back.

I had trouble once with a rotated view port that went off the bounds of the layout page. This made the entire page not print in PDF. Are there any rotated view ports on this page?