Layout created PDF file


I have an issue that started a little while ago (past 1-2 months) with PDF’s created using Layout. Any PDF set that has been created in Layout will open in Adobe Reader or Pro but after opening it, the program will stall and will not recover and then I have to force close it. I have always exported out of Layout the same way with the same settings. (Output Resolution: High, Check the box for JPEG Compression for Images, Uncheck Create PDF Laters from LayOut Layers) I also am using Condoc with this in case that makes any difference. Interestingly this is is not an issue if I use Bluebeam Revu to open though. My assumption is that it is an issue with Adobe, didn’t know if anyone else has noticed this problem and if there is a setting somewhere that I can change (either in Adobe or Layout).


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Have not encountered this problem. I export from layout to Adobe with basically the same choices you have made. No Condock , no layers and no Blubeam Revu. I send the PDF’s to others regularly with no problem. They tend to be fairly simple 2-10 page PDF’s.

I do the same without issue.