Completely new here.. Layout print issue

New to Sketch up and Layout… have got a good start. Have drawn a framing plan and plot plan to a couple new docs in Layout. Chose Arch 24x36 paper in Layout. When I print I only get a portion of page and only 24" x 8" off of my printer… can’t figure it out.

What happens if you export to PDF and print that?

Dave, Thanks for the pointer. Yes, that helped. I got through the printing. Then I found that it was a combination of: in ‘pages’ I found there was a ‘previous page’ that I needed to delete, and then I discovered that there were ladvanced printer settings that needed to be adjusted to get the format I needed on my Canon iPF 6450 printer.

I’m amazed at the tool package that has opened before me. I am excited for the new opportunities that may come from this ability. Can you guide me toward good tutorials on all of the tools for Sketchup and Layout? I would be grateful.