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For months I had been working using Tabloid size in LO, multiple files with many layers but recently found out the paper size change to 34 x 22. As the user, I did not knowingly (document settings etc.) change the size. Is it possible (simple) to get everything back to tabloid. I know i can select and render drawings, however, it does not change the font sizing.
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I guess I’ve never heard of the paper size changing spontaneously in LO.

You can resize the font. Just select the text on the page and resize it accordingly.

Is everything distributed on the page the way you originally laid it out? Is it possible that you originally selected the paper size in Page Setup? This window?
Screenshot - 12_5_2023 , 9_29_41 AM

The correct place to set the paper size would be in Document Setup>Paper.
Screenshot - 12_5_2023 , 9_31_15 AM

Did you look at the backup version of the LO file? Does it have the same issue?

I read a previous post about where the paper size should be changed from. (Didn’t realize there was a right location or wrong location until reading that).

Yeah, everything is proportional to the original setup with the exception of text blocks that were locked. The did not move quite as proportionally.

The paper size for the backups have changed too.

As for the changing of font size…I have varying sizes of fonts. So ‘selecting all’ isn’t an option. Each block location would need changed individually in addition to adjusting their font size, some of the fonts were made into symbols. The font before never went above size 12, it only got smaller (down to 5 or 6). Now, the smallest is a size 12 and gets as large as font size 26 in places. (I have never worked in size 26 Font.) It’s extremely frustrating, facing something like this, nearly 12 months have been spent building these numerous multi-layer drawings. I am guessing I could save them as PDF’s and reducing paper size when printing???. Don’t get me wrong; larger paper allows for larger fonts; otherwise, I am not sure where I will be able to get them printed without costing two arms and two legs. (This particular fine is a combination of 3 pages and 23 layers, with multiple combinations.) I have additional files this has happened to with just as many layers to them.

What does that mean regarding where you selected the page size from?

Share the LayOut file so we can see the exact setup.

If you export the PDF you should be able to scale it in Adobe Reader to print on the smaller paper.

I must say that I find it very difficult to believe that these files have all spontaneouly changed paper size and the layout on the pages has followed suit. This is what happens when the paper size is changed from a smaller size to a larger one. The content on the page doesn’t resize with it. It would take multiple steps to resize viewports, titleblocks, text, and dimensions to match.

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Here is a link to the file. (Sharing is not a normal process for me, let me know if it doesn’t work)

I do have older files that didn’t change but haven’t accessed for 6 months. Somes images/ drawings are copy paste over from another file, buts format was tabloid, landscape.

As for “spontaneously”… call it what you will. Like you said, it takes multiple steps to change paper sizes. Full disclosure: I am probably still in the Novice category, when it comes to LO. Are there other interactions that could cause the paper size to change without going through the ‘normal steps’?

It didin’t work. You need to set permissions so I can download it.

No. The only way to change the paper size is in Document Setup>Paper. Well, I suppose if you got into the LO file and edited the XML file where the paper size is definied but that’s tricky and it wouldn’t affect the content on the page. I actually looked at the XMLfiles in a LayOut file earlier today to see how hard it would be to modify the entire file. It wouldn’t be a simple task, though.

Try again Dave…Thank you.

Try to access again.

That worked. I can only see that the paper size selected in Document Setup is set to ANSI D. Everything on the page appears to be formatted for that paper size. The only place I can think where you might have set Tabloid would be in Page Setup.

At this point, if you don’t want to edit the LO file to use Tabloid sized paper, you could export it to PDF and then in Adobe Reader or Acrobat set it up to print on Tabloid paper. In the Print dialogue choose Perperties and Advanced and select the Tabloid paper size. Select Fit under size.

You have some SketchUp model viewports but they don’t show anything. I notice that there are no scenes in the SketchUp model and you are using Last saved SketchUp view. This is a risky thing to do. Every viewport should be associated with a scene in the SketchUp model.

It would be interesting to know the exact steps you go through when you start a new LayOut project. Have you created a custom template as your starting point or are you setting everything up from scratch? If you’ve got a custom template as your starting point, it would be interesting to see what it loks like.

That particular page has a borderless white square covering over the SketchUp Model. Working between LO and SketchUp. Grabbing aspects or views from Sketchup and bringing them over to LO so everything is the same and not having to make multiple changes across both programs. (I forgot about the ‘external linking’ when sharing the file)

That’s an odd way to work but if it works for you, go for it.

Being completely transparent, I not an engineer, architect, or designer in any professional field. I am merely a homeowner using the software to make drawings of my home for work that needs to occur.

You mention it is an odd approach…what am I missing then?
If Sketchup does 3D modeling; is the model, then supposed to be completely redesigned in LO?

It only seems efficient that if a 3D model and 1D/2D is needed…to open Sketchup via LO and ‘copy’ each surface of the 3D model and rendering them to the 1D/2D in LO. In this manner, when making the changes in the 3D model it will automatically update the LO model. However, the same does not occur, in reverse… Just because changes are made on the LO model does not result in an update on the Sketchup model, which would seem more problematic.

(I hope I explained this clearing)

(For me) It is often difficult to keep the respective drawing abilities between both sorted out. Really sad part is I am probably not using 10% of either software’s capabilities.

No. Not at all. In the LO file you shared, though, you seem to have drawn the floor plan from scratch in LayOut. All of the drawing shown selected here is made of LayOut drawing entities. Mostly rectangles and circles.

If you modeled the floor plan in SketchUp there’s no reason to redraw it in LayOut. That just increases the amount of work you need to do.

I’m sorry but that’s not efficient at all. Do not copy from SketchUp to LayOut. Create scenes that show the model as you need in SketchUp. Then use those scenes for viewports in LayOut. Leave the viewports so they remain connect to the scenes in the SketchUp model.

Yes. If you leave the viewports connected to the SketchUp model changes made in the model will be reflected in the LayOut document. In the case of your LO file, though, none of the drawing entities shown selected, above, will update. They are not tied to a SketchUp model. They are just shapes on the page.

Changes made in LayOut are not supposed to affect the SketchUp file. That’s kind of the point. You cannot edit the SketchUp model in LayOut.

Perhaps you should go through the Fundamentals at

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Here’s a simple example. Not a house, obviously but the subject matter doesn’t make any difference to the way SketchUp and LayOut work.

The selected vewport is using the Front 2D scene from the SketchUp model. There is no redrawing of the model in LayOut. The other viewports use different scenes. Only the dimensions, title text, and footer text are add in LayOut on this sheet.

The second page has another viewport which uses a fourth scene in the SketchUp model. Here the only labels are added in LayOut.

There is no copying of model geometry in LayOut alll of the linework related to the model is in the SketchUp viewports. Changes to the model will be updated in LayOut automatically.

Thank you for the interaction…

I am sure I would definitely get a lot out of learn.sketchup. (I did initially) Timing somewhat sucks…been needing the baptism by fire approach due to the home and work needing drawings accomplished. After hiring an engineering firm for ($3k) and only involved minimal area of the home, figured I’d better get working on designing my home.

Yeah some of the layers on that particular file are LO original, the use of Sketchup and how it works came after.

Take a look at this and tell me what you think.

1896 Queen Ann Victorian. Been working on the home design for 'bout 1 yr. I am sure you will find inefficiency in the drawer and some drawing errors (a window) I had unground too far and not realizing it.

I have a couple files using the technique in your first example.
Most of my extra brain power is spent reading Code Books for the home repairs/ modifications needing to be done. International Building Code, International Residential Code, Electrical Code, just to name a few, but all are very intense, let alone google searching items found in the codes and doing google searches on specific matters.

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