Re-formatting a LO doc for different paper sizes?

Anyone have any quick way or easy way to re-format a LO document for a different paper size. I have already created the document for one specific purpose, and now need it for a different paper size. Has anyone come up with any work-arounds for this? Trying not to start over.

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I have found the best solution is to take a document you’ve already created (with titleblocks), Save As, Go to File → Document Setup → Paper, select your new paper size.

Then, resize all the various elements to fit the new page size and save it. It’s faster than starting over and it helps with consistency across your titleblocks.

AFAIK, we don’t provide on yet. So the fastest way would be to go to File->Document Setup, change your paper size and save. Then go to a page, select all, and scale to a ratio you want: if you want to keep the current aspect ratio, hold the shift key as you rescale. Note the final aspect ratio that look best, in the lower right hand Measurements box. Then on each page, you can Select All, start dragging, and type the scale size you want for exact scaling. For example, if it’s a simple 2x scaling, select all, start dragging (lower right grip), then type 2,2 Enter.

If you want larger text as well, select all, and adjust the font size up in the font inspector.

By the way, shift will preserve aspect ratio on resizing, and command / alt will scale from the center of your selection.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Not the solution I was looking for but effective.

Thanks again!