Scaling in LO


I put original drawings scenes on 8-1/2x11 template and now I’d like to group all on a 24x36 template.

Scenes on 8-1/2x11 are scaled to 1/16", but I’d like to change that to 1/8" on the 24x36 template.

When I copy and paste scenes to LO 24x36 and scale up 1/8" the annotations and arrows placement gets skewed.

Is there a method to scale all to save time in repositioning annotations and arrows.

Please see screen shots.

Shot 1 is 8x11 at 1/16"
Shot 2 is 24x36 at 1/8" and annotations and arrows become skewed upon rescale.

Thank you

No need to copy and paste. Just change the paper size in Document Setup (save the original first if you want to keep it.) You will have to move label text after you change the scale of the viewport. Unfortunately there’s not really an automatic way to deal with that.

For future projects, you might find it best to set up the project on the largest paper you anticipate printing to. Then if you want to print on a smaller page, do that from the exported PDF.

Thank you Dave!

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