Scaling the scale graphic in layout


I’m trying to produce a layout drawing with a scale graphic inside the image using “site graphics” from the scrapbook.
It always appears the same size and is not to the right scale. Ie it displays digits that are not correct ly spaced according to the known scale. I’ve tried stretching and shrinking to see if I can change things. I just expected it to be the right size according to the SU model.
Am I being stupid or naïve?


Can you upload an example LayOut file showing this?


this file shows the scale imported from “site graphics” and the correct dimension of 16.09 meters or so


OK. I see what you are getting at. That scale object has no connection to the scale of the SketchUp viewport. You would need to adjust it to make it correct. The numbers have no units, either, so it can be used for any drawing units you wish. Probably the easiest thing to do is draw a line of the appropriate scale length in LO and scale the scale object to match.

Here I ungroupd the top level to release the text boxes from the scale. I drew a line 40mm long with the line tool. Its left end is aligned with the left end of the scale. Then I scaled the scale and moved the text boxes. 40mm is to use the scale to show 4 meters matching the scale of the viewport. I only put the dimension in so you can see how long the line is but it wouldn’t be needed normally.

You could also make that scale any other length you wish and change the numbers in the text box to suit.


Many thanks Dave that does make sense.
Do you know If I can then save the finished graphic such that it can be used subsequently?


You’re welcome.

Yes, you can save that modified scale for later use. Regroup the text and the scale. Copy it into a new LO document and use File>Save as Scrapbook. If the scale is the only thing you’ll have in the scrapbook, change the paper size to be small enough to just encompass the scale. That way it’ll show larger in the scrapbook window. You might consider adding other associated things to the scrapbook page like custom labels, dimension samples, boilerplate text, etc. Collect those things onto a single page and save the lot as a scrapbook.

Here’s an example. I added 1:100 below the scale and made the lot a group. Then I copied it to a new document. The paper is 75mm square. After saving it as a scrapbook, it shows in the scrapbooks window


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