Scaling items in scrapbook

Hi name’s Rich (my own house)
I am able to set scale for imported site plan. However the scale bar from “scrapbook” does not seem to allow me to set scale same as drawing and therefore inaccurate. Anyone else have this issue or solution?
Simpler to draw on siteplan 1:1 in sketchup and scale with siteplan drawing? Tx

The scales in the supplied scrapbooks are not scaled drawings. They were made long before Scaled Drawings were a thing in LayOut. You can modify them and convert them into scaled drawings or if you prefer a different style, you can make your own scale bars and other scrapbook items. Either edit an existing scrapbook page and add it or create your own custom scrapbooks.

Here I’ve modified the scale bar in the TB-Contemporary - Site Graphics scrapbook by adding it to a Scaled Drawing and adjusting it to the correct size for a 1:50 scale.

Thank you for your response. These troublesome glitches only happen when one is in a hurry! I did make my own scale bar. :slight_smile:

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