Scaling scrapbook in layout

I am having problems with scaling scrapbook icons in layout.
If I have a scale of, for example, 1: 100 instead of 1:50. Then I want the scrapbook icons to be smaller too. Now I put all icons in layout first, then resize them. If I scale them on the way, this doesn’t work properly anymore. Is there better way for my next project when I want it in another scale again?
Greetings, and thanks for your time. Dion

You could make a new scrapbook after resizing the scrapbook icons. Do the resizing in a blank file and Save as Scrapbook. If the icons are currently in the same scrapbook you could start by editing the scrapbook to get the whole page. Adjust the sizes and arrange the icons, adjust the paper size as needed and then save as Scrapbook.

Note you could just edit the scrapbook items and use Save to replace the original icons but then you won’t have the originals for later and if you have some reason to reinstall SketchUp and LayOut later, it might overwrite your modified scrapbook file. Better to make a new one that won’t get overwritten.

Thank you Dave fore the quick response. I will do so.
However, more logic if it did scaled automatically I think. I have a very big scrapbook page.

If the object is from a SketchUp model you could set the scale in the SketchUp Model panel.

I suppose for icons you’ve created in LO, if you had made them as scaled drawings in the first place, you could easily change the scale later. Other wise how would LO know what scale you’re working in?

True. But you can not scale them later. By hand yes… I mean dragging. But if you choose a scale (right mouse) then it only works with the first one, and than its locked (sort of zero-point) and every next one is out of that line of scale.
Making a new scrapbook only option I think. :wink:

If you have a lot of drawn elements, select them all and create a group.
Set the scale as @DaveR explained to that group, rescale and then explode the group.

Sorry. The first one yes… the second one gets locked. I am know making a new page with all the icons. Its a lot of work but I have to do this I am afraid. I just dont see an other way.

Tried that too. It’s works for all the drawings but it won’t take the fonts in there with it.
I have al bunch of electric and construction icons, and some of them have fonts in it.
Thank you again for all your help. Very nice. (Maybe it’s my apple… I don’t kwow)

Yeah, text doesn’t scale automatically.
Try to have a text with the right font(size) outside before you explode the group, sample that (hit S) and apply to the group.

That’s a way. Thanks.