Scaling layout symbols

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to re-scale scrapbook items to an exact scale and if so how to do it? I want to add some vehicles to a car park layout and none of them are to the scale I need. I understand it can be stretched (currently in impoerial) to a specific scale such as 1:100mm

Yes you can. It is especially quick using 2018 LayOut’s Scaled Drawing feature.

In this example …
I select one of the 1/4" scale cars from the scrapbook.
Since it is a group, this allows me to give it a scale property… I set it first to 1/4" scale.
Finally, I set the scale again to 1:100mm. Done!

Hope this helps


How did you get that menu? If I context click the menu I don’t have the last 2 options.

Thank you I see it is a new feature in 2018. First time I used 2018. This scaling feature in layout is going to be very useful.

Nice but can i ask why it doesn’t work at 1/4" ? We had exactly this problem today :frowning:

Can you show an example of what didn’t work? Post the LayOut file.

Sorry for late follow-up with you. Well it’s exactly like the example of M. Dizon. We’d tried to use the scale to add some reflected ceiling symbols at the right scale for a drawing. And then the lines become too
thick. The text size don’t follow the scale. Also … maybe it will be helpful to have some tutorial to explain how it’s working exactly. For now, i didn’t find anything. Can you help me with that. Also, i know that you’ve ask for the Layout file but i don’t know how to do this. First time that i’m on this forum.

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