Re-sizing items from your scrapbook (Layout)

Hi there, so me and my boss are running into an issue while using the scrapbook we created for electrical symbols. After dragging a symbol from the scrapbook into a layout sheet, sometimes you want it bigger or smaller than it currently is right? So you click on it and drag from the corners to resize. The problem is that when you do this everything resizes except for the text inside of the symbol. So you have a very large circle with small letters or vice versa. It is all in the same group, shouldn’t the text be resized with the symbol? Please help we cannot figure this out.

No. The text shouldn’t scale with the geometry. The text size is set in points. Select the symbol(s) and in Text Style change the font size as desired.

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That’s somewhat inconvenient…would be super nice if it sized with the symbol and group. Guess I could request it as a feature addition.

It could create other problems that would be even more inconvenient.

Pretty simple to resize the symbols and the text.

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Alright well thank you for your time.

I just edited my previous post to add a quick demo.

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