Electrical Symbol Distortion in LayOut

I want to create a scrapbook of electrical symbols in LayOut but they distort when I use them and scale them. I’ve tried creating them natively in LayOut, creating them in SketchUp and importing as components, creating them using 3D text in SketchUp, and nothing seems to work. I’ve also tried creating symbols in other software and importing them as .png or .jpegs but then they get pixellated. The best solution I’ve found is to use 3D text in SketchUp, but when that is scaled down the text is too chunky and you can’t read the letters.

I’m finding it hard to believe there isn’t a way around this. Anyone know how to get clean, crisp vector symbols for a LayOut scrapbook where the text doesn’t distort when scaled?

Thanks in advance.

To save time some years back I downloaded the symbol set from Master Sketchup. Shortly after I recreated my own. If you make them in layout and use a vector style they are crisp and can be scaled but I rarely need to resize them, in fact I never have. Once they are in a scrap book the style stays with the symbol. See if you like these.
Norseman Electrical.layout (60.3 KB)

I replied to your question at Sketchucation.

Thank you. That’s really kind, but I have my own symbols. I’m just wondering if there is another way with text, but it seems there isn’t. Thanks again.

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Yes you did. I created a set of symbols using the 3D text as you suggested, but when they are scaled down, they are hard to read. It seems there is no way round this really, other than possibly to make the symbols in different text sizes so they fit different size plans. Thanks for your help; it’s appreciated.