Creating Scrapbook symbols from SU

Hi guys!

I’ve just created an electrical/lighting plan. Ive used SU for the floorplan and lighting symbols and Layout for the wiring and text. I now need to create a KEY for my symbols in Layout. Instead of re drawing each symbol in Layout, Id like to import the symbols I’ve already drawn in SU into my scrapbook in Layout. Ive tried creating a Scene in Sketchup with only the symbols showing. I then exported that as a Dwg. I opened up scrapbook to edit one of the existing pages. Inserted my DWG but nothing showing up. Wondering if maybe I didn’t export the file correctly from sketchup with the proper parameters? Is what I am attempting even possible? Any guidance greatly appreciated!!


Why are you using DWG in a Sketchup environment? Don’t do that. Use native tools.

I have electrical symbols on a Scrapbook page and a complete set as a legend on another. All created within Layout. Works just fine.

Ok thanks, thought I might have been able to save myself time re-drawing them in layout when they’ve already been drawn in sketchup.

You can if you insert them and then explode them. That’s fine if you want them to look exactly as they do in SU. But I like to use the ease of drawing in LO to change linestyles, colours, and weights.

What I was after was having my symbols in my KEY larger but relative to the symbols I drew on the floorplan. So my solution: I brought in a scene of the symbols on another viewport, changed the scale to be slightly bigger, traced over the symbols in layout and deleted the viewport :slight_smile: Next ill try my hand at saving to scrapbook so I don’t need to do this ever again!!
Might have been a better way to go about this but I’ve solved my problem!
thanks for your time!!!

You live and learn!

seems my learning curve is as steep as it gets right now! Fish out of water big time. But im hooked. :upside_down_face:

I don’t know how much training or reading you have done, but when I decided to start using SU instead of the dreaded Autocad I used previously, I bought The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture and have never looked back.

Trial and error do work but it takes much longer. Think what it would be like if you learned to drive on a busy street without an instructor or any preparation!

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Oh thanks so much for that! I am currently doing a “course” which consists of some pretty basic turorials in relation to interior design. I’ve watched countless videos outside of the course - sketchup essentials, SU square one, beginner and intermediate videos. I will have a look into what you’ve suggested! I’ve been living and breathing sketchup. bye bye Netflix!

If you haven’t come across him, @JustinTSE does some very good videos ( He also has a training course but I haven’t had the need to use that.

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“WAAAAAtsup guys, this is Justin here from THE skethcup essentials, lets just go ahead and jump into it!”

Love him. I think I see him in my dreams sometimes.

That’s him. I wonder what he says when he turns up at a pool party?

Hmmm…I suppose there are situations in real life where I lead with “What’s up guys?!”

Should I be concerned? :yum: :sunglasses:

Glad I’ve been able to help a bit :slight_smile:

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