When bringing sketchup file into layout scrapbook

When I bring in an electrical symbol file that is a .skp into layout and then save it as a scrapbook, it is grouped for some reason, and I can’t explode it. when I open it in sketchup, they are all individual components. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

A scrapbook entity from a SketchUp model will be a viewport when you drag it into a document. It could be that it was a group created from a SketchUp viewport and something else in LO but that has nothing to do with whether things are components in the model. If you don’t want it to be a group in LO, you can right click on it and choose Ungroup.

when I ungroup, it doesn’t make the symbols individual, it makes a weird dashed line around the viewport.

Share the LO file with the symbol you are working with.

Electric Symbols.layout (741.7 KB)

Are you talking about the blue dotted line? That’s indicatvie of a scale drawing.

You can ungroup again or just edit the group. Since you exploded it, though, the viewport is now only a raster image.

What exactly is it that you want to do.

I want to be able to just drag one of the symbols at a time instead of when I drag from scrapbook it drops then entire file image

Go to the Scaprbook page and select Edit. Then save that out as a LayOut file and upload it here.

electric symbols (2).layout (739.0 KB)

Where did you get that? It’s not set up to be used as a scarpbook. Someone stopped working on it before they were finished. I’ve spent more than an hour sort it out. It needs to have the viewports for the symbols in the lower section resized but I’ll leave that to you. Select the symbols above the large text to see what I mean.
electric symbols scrapbook.layout (3.8 MB)

I believe it came from someone on this forum, I just had done a search for electric symbols for scrapbook. At any rate, I sure do appreciate you looking at it for me. I apologize that it has consumed so much of your time. I will look at the resize, thank you for your help it is above and beyond!