Creating a Scrapbook- problems importing multiple components at once

I’m pretty new to Sketch-Up/Layout and I’m trying to figure out how to create a new Scrapbook selection for Plan-plant symbols. I have created about 50 or so plant symbols in Sketch-Up and saved as a “Scrapbook” but when I access the my new Scrapbook entry in Layout I cannot select the individual symbols. All 50 plant symbols stay grouped together for some reason and I cant figure out how to just select one at a time. Do I have to import them one at a time into Layout?

For clarification, did you create these symbols in SketchUp or did you create them in LayOut?

If you created them in SketchUp… first, you will want to save each 3d symbol as a separate file. If all your symbols are in the same file, simply make each one a component and the right click on each one and “save as”. This will allow you to save the component out as its own skp file.

In LayOut, you will then want to insert the individual skp symbols onto a LayOut page. Because they are individual files, you will be able to use them as separate scrapbook elements on your sheets.

If you designed the symbols in LayOut.… be sure to group each symbol separately.

I hope this helps

Feel free to share your layout/template file and we can take a look


Thanks! this is working like a charm. Its going to take me a while but once I get my plant library input I’ll post it here.

oohh yes please! Looking forward to seeing it. :slight_smile: