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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone knows of any good websites where I can get hold of planting graphic symbol scrapbooks?
I could start drawing my own in Layout but was hoping for a more time efficient work around!



It’s a good question. Looks like you may be a UK user of SU like me. The Warehouse has many trees and plants but many are tropical and so of limited use to us in northern climes.

The other issue is that the ones that look best are often large size components and quickly overload a drawing.

I shall keep an eye on this thread as I occasionally need trees and shrubs and haven’t been entirely happy with what I have found.


There are a variety of 2D plants in both elevation and plan view in the 3D Warehouse. You could insert those into SketchUp and then send to LO to create your own scrapbooks.

It’s easy to create a scrapbook from CAD blocks if you want to do that. I made an example.

I already had SketchUp open so I imported a DWG from CAD There were many more than I wanted for this example so I deleted most of them. I set up a plan view with Parallel Projection and sent the file to LO and set an appropriate scale. Rendered as Vector, exploded and ungrouped the mass. I made groups of the individual symbols, set the paper size to fit tightly around the collection of symbols and save it as a scrapbook.



Or insert some cad blocks in your LayOut!


Thanks Dave, once again sorted that out for me!


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