Low poly trees and plants

Hi everyone. I’ve created a landscape design for our garden in Sketchup Web version. I’m quite happy with the results although I’m teetering on getting the full version so I can get access to all of the features.

I’m now turning my hand to designing the tree/plant layout. Can anyone recommend some repositories for low poly trees and plants. I’d like to create something like in the photo I’ve attached. They don’t need to be mega realistic just good enough to give form etc. I live in the UK so looking for trees/ plants commonly grown here.

Any recommendations gratefully received.


Use the filters in the 3D Warehouse to find low-poly components. Start with small file size.

Thanks @DaveR I will have a look tomorrow. I did have a quick look this morning and there does look like there are some plants/trees suitable. I might have to spend a bit of time collating them - I did see a few sites that do paid models which were quite pricey and way too detailed for what I need. Also finding all the different plants I’d like is tricky.

To keep my models responsive, I prefer to use 2D face-me plants, and for a neat plan view I add a schematic plan view of the plant on a separate tag inside the component.

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