Making a new component list

I’m attempting to streamline my workflow in SketchUp and would like to have a permanent list of component plant circles to use in planting plans of the future.
I see I have some saved as a “SketchUp plant database” but I’m not sure how or who did it and how I can update it with the most recent additions. I would then like to save as a template to use on another project. I’ve read through the similar problems on the forum but still can’t manage to sort it.!

Thanks in advance

Do you want to add to your existing plant database components or create a new one? Do you have the components created?

Might these be the ones you have “saved”? If so, I think the system just links to a set of files on the 3DW, so they are not really ones you have saved exactly.

Thanks for reply Simon

You can certainly make your own plant models and you can certainly make your own collection/s. That wouldn’t technically be a template, just a local resource.

Trees and plants are organic forms. That means that the more realistic they are, the more complex the geometry and the bigger the file size. So you have to be very careful what you download from outside sources. The ones in the standard folders we all have access to (as above) have been carefully curated to ensure they are resource efficient.

TBH, Sketchup is not great when in comes to 3D planting schemes. The plants are either just too cartoony or too resource hungry. If you can get by with 2D for the actual plants, LO may be a better bet, reserving SU for the hard surfaces, levels, etc.

FWIW, Simon, in Jo’s case the “plants” are just simple circles so easy enough to work with and they don’t overload the model.

“Component plant circles”, yes. Should have read it more carefully!