Sketchup Models in Layout Skrapbooks

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I’m wondering if it is possible to use Sketchup models as items in a Layout Scrapbook.

For example, I have created a set of standard Construction details using Sketchup, (wall/floor junctions, Roof details etc.), and I’m wondering if there is a way of adding them to a Layout Scrapbook.

I know I can insert the model into my final Layout document by referencing it as a model and then choosing the scene, but I’m wondering if there is a way to add these details to a dedicated Scrapbook so I can just drag and drop them in as needed.

PS I have had to spell Scrapbooks incorrectly in the title as it won’t let me post if I spell it correctly, as it states there is a rude word in the title :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yes. You can use SketchUp models to create Scrapbook entities. Basically you create a page of viewports of the construction details. Make sure each detail is in it’s own viewport and arrange the viewports on the page in a sort of grid. Then use File>Save as Scrapbook.

Read: Working with Scrapbooks of Reusable Entities | SketchUp Help


Thank you @DaveR

Very much appreciated. Worked a treat.

However, another problem, (which I’ve been spending 2 hours on so far, but to no avail).

I decided to added another item for inserting. It’s a basic Elevation notation symbol.

I created it in my own scrapbook, which I have been suing with no problem. However, as can be seen from the screen shots, no matter what I do, the rectangle ALWAYS comes into Layout in front, therefore blocking the text and the white circle. I’ve edited this for two hours now. I’ve moved the rectangle ALL the way to the back, so far, its gone through the back of my iMac and through the house wall :wink:

I’m stuck. No matter what I do, it ALWAYS shows in front.

I’ve circled the offending item so you can see it in scrapbook and then how it arrives in Layout.

There are only two levels of grouping in the object; 1: The circle, dividing lines, and the text, and 2: The overal group with the background square in, (which is being an ■■■■ an refusing to go in the background)

Any suggestions.

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So, I think I finally solved it. Not sure how. I just ungrouped everything in that object, and then regrouped, so there are no embedded groups.

A small hurrah here!!!

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It is likely that the active layer is lower in the stack of layers. Keep layer pane open, the layer with the pencil-icon is the active layer, the little blue square tells you on which layer the selected item is.
Order of layers is like sheets on your desk; it overrules the arrange commands bring forward/back

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Thank you for the help.

Yes, @MikeWayzovski I think that’s what I ended up doing. Used a process of elimination and when I tried that, as well as not having loads of embedded groups, it worked ok.

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I just happened upon this thread. Have you considered, each time you make a detail for different projects, selecting the viewport, and all its attached annotations, grouping them and saving the whole thing to the scrapbook. This way you can grab the full detail and drop it into your new projects to increase productivity? It would still be edit-able if details change from project to project.

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Thank you @spmcgill81

Good idea, so I’ll give that a go. At the moment I seem to be dealing a lot with existing properties and so most of the standard detail has to be customised to suit the particular situation. The plus side, it does mean I’m creating various variations on Standard Details.

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