Rotating scrapbook icons in Layout

I am copying in some electrical symbols from my scrapbook into layout but I dont seem to be able to rotate them to the desired angle. I can get a highlighted blue box around the icon but if i try to do anything to it, it just resizes it. Thank you.

In LayOut you rotate entities with the extension on the center handle.

Thank you so much! So easy once you know how!

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Indeed it is.

FWIW, you can move that center thing if you need to rotate about somewhere other than the center. That widget is also used for precise alignment when moving entities.

I am having the same issue. I’ve created a scrapbook page with electrical symbols. I created the symbols within Layout. Once I created a symbol I grouped it. When I insert the symbol into a layout drawing there is no way to rotate it. No matter how I select it there is no rotation handle. Even if I go inside the group there is no rotation handle. There were rotation handles when I created each symbol but they have disappeared once inserted into a drawing. How do I get the rotation handle to appear?

Share a LayOut file into which you’ve inserted your symbols so we can see what you’re working with.

I think I found the solution. I zoomed in to the symbol then selected it then the rotation handle showed up. I guess if the symbol is too small on the screen the rotation handle will not show when right-clicked.

That’s true.