Layout 2D symbols?

I have a 3D model in SU2015. I create a section plan and open it in Layout. all’s ok, but
I have got problems with 2D symbols:

  1. Doors don’t come up in 2D per standard e.g as if they were open(their 2D symbol is more like a window)
  2. Where to find pocket(sliding) door symbol?
  3. I have got one semi-circular door (built-in wardrobe) - how can this be represented in Layout??

How do you make sure that the components you use will come up correctly in 2D?

When you create a section plane and cut into the floor plan then save as a scene inserted into Layout you will not get 2d representations of doors or windows. You are getting the actual window or door cut at the section plane and showing all of the lines used to construct that particular component. What I do, is hide the doors and windows in SU, create the scene and then insert into Layout. I then take the 2d symbols from my Layout scrapbook and place into position over the viewport. These 2d symbols are not attached to the SU model so if you make revisions, the 2d symbols will have to be moved around. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply.
Where d’u get additional elements for the scrapbook then?
In the 3D Wh there are just a few and I’m struggling to fit them as they have got some Su green background that overshadows my drawing .( Is it possible to switch it off btw? So far I had to go back to SU to get rid of it, but it’s weird to do this)

I made them in Layout. Created my own scrapbook.