Electrical plans 2D

Hi there, I am trying to find a way to design a 2D electrical plan of a room with Sketch up pro. Do I need specific pluggin or is there another way to design dash lines and electrical symbols (lighting, switches, etc). Thanks

my two cents, never had to do it, but I recently taught SU to an aspiring electrician.
What they ended up working on, is Layout.

On one hand, work on your model in SU, prepare your sections, scenes, styles and stuff.
In Layout, they ended up creating a custom scrapbook with all the (french) standard electrical symbols they would always need
So their process is quite simple: import the plans / sections, grab the symbols in the album, add red / blue / dashed / whatever lines between the elements.

Not sure if there are SU extensions that can help you (and if they are compatible with your country, but at least this 2D method works.

(edit : album is in the french layout, scrapbook in english :slight_smile: )

No pligin required but there’s a couple of ways to do this. You can make your own components or probably find some in the 3D Warehause which you can add into your model. Or you can do as @ateliernab indicates and use symbols in LayOut. Again you can create your own symbols or there are scrapbook options available. Personally I like the idea of adding them in SketchUp because when (not if) changes come along you can make all of your modifications in one place. Less likely to induce errors in thre project that way.

If you do want a plugin, there is Medeek Electrical:

At the other extreme, the lowest tech way of doing it is to print out a blank floor plan on paper, draw on the print with a pencil, and xerox or scan the result to distribute to stake holders. Absolutely not what anyone here dares to suggest, but I’ve done it in the past with success.


That is how I do it too.

Thanks everyone - I can’t see how to create dash lines on LayOut (while I now know how to create them on SU using Tags) or the required symbols for plugs etc. Is there a symbols library at all there? I will try the SU option using the 3D warehouse although not sure they work properly on a 2D floor plan…

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Thank you so much Mihai - for some reason the first time I tried that did not work but now, it does :slight_smile: