Plug in for Electrical Plans--Medeek Electrical

I am trying out Medeek Electrical and am struggling with a few things
Sometimes the device is facing the wrong way- sometimes it is right on
When I export to Layout and print at 1/4" scale the device symbols are too small (for me)

I am looking for good way to draft electrical plans for houses- so I would love for this to work. Also open to other suggestions. Thanks

I have Sketchup Pro 22 on PC

I edited the title of your thread. Perhaps @medeek will have some suggestions for you regarding making his extension do what you need.

An alternative could be to just create your electrical plan in LayOut instead of in SketchUp. Use a scrapbook for the symbols (you can get a scrapbook from Sketchucation that contains electrical symbols or you can make your own scrapbook) and adjust the scale of them as needed.

Please update your forum profile. It shows you are still using SU2021.

Thanks DaveR. I have been using the all Layout alternative- so may have to stick with that. I appreciate your guidance!


The size of the 2D symbols can be adjusted in the settings. As far as things being on the wall backwards, can you do a screen recording to show what is happening?