Medeek Electric - Help make symbols more readable

I love having all the Electric symbols automatically placed on the plans by Medeek Electric, but I’m still having issues getting it all dialed in.

Not having to place all my electric symbols manually would save me a lot of time!

The symbols are not printed crisply, clearly, and readable even when enlarged.

See the attached picture of two plan pages printed on my HP Designjet T120 on the same paper and with the same ink.

The Medeek symbols are brought over through SU vs. manually created and placed symbols from the LayOut Scrapbook.

Can someone help me with this issue? Can I use my Scrapbook Symbols to populate the Medeek symbol library, and would that even work to get a cleaner end product?

To be honest I am no Layout guru but could this be because you are bringing them in from SU into Layout as rasterized and not vector?

Your right, they look very pixelated.

I have LayOut set to Hybrid now, but I will set it to Vector.

I printed one with the settings on Vector but had no change.

I also have it set for Best Quality in Adobe Acrobat.

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Comparing the Wall and Foundation plugin with the Electrical plugin I just realized that I have never added in the Resolution and the Circle Segments parameter within the Annotation Formatting section of the Global Settings for the Electrical plugin.

Let me add in these two additional parameters and then roll out another release/version later tonight.

Give me a few hours to make this update and then let’s have you install the latest version and regen/update your switches and outlets and see if it makes any difference on their appearance.

Cool. Thanks.

I just did a test print of four different ways and didn’t have any noticeable difference.

Since you are tinkering around, is there a way to let us change the size of existing 2D Symbols so we don’t have to go back through and delete and replace each electric switch and outlet to go from the preset size of 4.5" to 12" or 14"?

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You don’t need to delete and recreate, you can click use the edit tool to regen/update the electrical elements. However I currently do not have a regen tool yet which would be even quicker to use in this instance.


I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for your assistance with this issue, particularly on the day before Thanksgiving. The update has made the symbols clearer, which is great. However, I still find the labels too small. I was wondering if it is possible for me to access the symbol library and modify the labels. For instance, can I enlarge the size of the GFCI and other labels or rotate them by 90 degrees? Alternatively, is it feasible for me to remove the existing labels and add new ones in the Layout?

Have a great Thanksgiving and talk to you next week.

The symbols are not pulled from a library, they are drawn by the plugin. The labels are scaled to be a certain percentage of the symbol size, so if you increase the symbol size the labels will increase in size accordingly. It doesn’t appear to be the size as much as they look all pixelated or gummed up for lack of a better word. Try setting the anno curve parameter to zero for maximum smoothness of the letters. I’m also wondering if there might be a better font.

I’m assuming from Layout you are creating PDFs which you then print, can you send me a PDF so I can examine this further. I’m trying to figure out if Layout is the culprit here or if there is some setting or adjustment that can be made in the plugin to give a better result.

Try setting this new parameter to 1.5 or 2.0 and see what you get.

I was going to take a bit of a break over Thanksgiving but since my daughter decided to cook this year for me I figured what the heck. Also I think this new parameter will be exactly what you are looking for with this, and it wasn’t very hard to add into the code at all.

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