Medeek Electrical Symbols

Hello Medeek users, and @medeek

Process question for regular users out there:

Default symbols of all fixtures that don’t go into the “symbol group” (wall outlets, sconces, etc). What is your process to get the symbols to regularly show up above any fixtures that may be in your buildings, and even floors? I’ll clarify - Default for symbols is bottom of wall, or absolute zero depending on the type of fixture, which means even flooring would cover the symbols which are at the subfloor level where the plate of the wall is. Obviously the grouped symbols stay at the height you move the group to, but other symbols do not. If you have wall fixtures in a room that are on a wall that doesn’t touch ground (for instance, two levels where the wall is, but large vaulted great room on other side of wall) the symbols on this wall would be above the section cut, and the ones on all walls that touch ground are below flooring.

Do you move individual symbols every time you re-gen, so they are visible; setup multiple viewports and stack them in layout (IE- plan view with fixtures, flooring, etc visible), then stack plan view that has everything except electrical, per level on (and maybe walls so that you can assure plan is aligned) over the top of this in layout?

to Nathaniel @medeek - seems like the ideal situation for separate levels in a model would be either grouped or in component per level, just to be able to tag things well, or do studies of just a single level. If this was the case and wall groups were all part of a component/group per level of structure. What would you think of a global or per fixture option for symbol location as they are generated that references the (A) Model axis if walls aren’t grouped/componentized [not ideal IMO]. or (B) Group/component axis per floor. So for example if the global/individual symbol height was set for 46" above axis, all symbols would be above any countertops, including bar height, most furniture pieces, and below most common section cuts. For the occasional outlier that wouldn’t fit this, a manual move of symbol could still happen if needed. Bonus points if any manual moves would be locked in, so for instance, if someone needed one or two fixtures at a different height than global, move it/set new height, then if there are any re-gens, they keep the user defined height and remain visible in plan view.

Thanks in advance for any insight into other’s workflows and your persistent work on cool plugins @medeek

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Just FYI The vertical offset is in the global settings.


I should have scoured the global settings page better before asking this. Good looking out @LinearGraphs


Thank-you for posting this. Every minute I spend doing tech support is time I could have spent on development. Much appreciated.